To safeguard your health, it is vital to know your health status. It will help you make some vital decisions regarding your health, your  diet, your marriage ( if you are not already married) and other decisions. I am dedicating this page to introduce to you some of the things that are going to be discussed on this website.

know your health status


The basics of a person’s health should be an vital information at the fingertips of everyone. I strongly believe that a child should be able to state his/her basic health information before teenage. Information such as Blood group and Sickle Cell Status should be at their fingertips.

One major importance of knowing your health status is that you are able to make informed decisions. For example, a man with sickle cell disease (SS) would consider marrying a woman who is AA than one who is AS. This is because both parties will know the risks involved in having another sickle cell patient in the family.

Currently, we have talked about just a few things and I shall list them. Do know that this list will keep updating since I am going to be adding new articles every now and then.

Know your health status…

  1. Know your Blood Group
  2. know Your Sickling status
  3. Diabetes Mellitus
  4. Know your G6PD enzyme activity
  6. Yeast Infection in women
  7. Pelvic Inflammatory disease
  8. Cholesterol Levels (Excellent and Terrible)

P.S: Clickable links are already discussed to an extent . Non-clickable ones are yet to be discussed.

Disease-related articles shall include links to how they can be treated or managed successfully.

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  • Fantastic work keep it up

  • I reckon another thing that will be really vital is your cholesterol level or anything that has to do with heart attack risk. I always thought I was healthy and even my doctor had said so everytime I got my health examined until about a year ago, out of nowhere he said my terrible cholesterol level had elevated a lot. The problem with terrible cholesterol level elevation is that you don’t really feel any different and you won’t know about it until you get it checked up. Recently one of my friends’ dad passed away from heart attack as well. So I reckon this is very vital matter.

  • I need to check ma blood group, Noble, because I don’t really know mine.
    Thanks for your prompt

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